Merit works with its international partners in various formats depends on the nature of the business of the international associate. The formats vary from provision of support services, partnerships and joint ventures.

The list of services that Merit provides to its associates: 

  • Marketing and Business development services.
  • Liaison with local authorities and Ministries including but not limited to, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and other ministries.
  • Support in preparing necessary business permits related documentation, obtaining approvals etc.
  • Assistance in obtaining legal advisory support, if necessary .
  • Procurement of tender documents for and on behalf of the Principal, Physical submission of the tender documents, mapping the competition, providing up-date and status reports.
  •  Advisory support in making the bid documents which has to comply with the Oman Tender Board specifications.
  •  Obtaining short term (Express visas, visit visas etc…), and long term resident visas and work permits.
  •  Assisting in identifying local Omani resources for the positions mandatory to employ Omani personal .
  •  Provision of local market intelligence in terms of procurement of goods and services for the execution of projects.
  • Obtain / arrange/facilitate local contracts such as property lease, vehicle lease, men, material etc…
  • Assistance in setting it up and arranging infrastructure facilities for project execution.
  • Front-end client interfacing support.
  • Contract administration support.
  • Payment collection overseas transfer and general banking support.
  • Advisory services on duties and taxation.