The Sultanate of Oman has experienced decades of rapid economic growth aided in part by the oil production sector and growth of a variety of infrastructural projects that has placed the construction sector at the heart of the country’s economic development. Recent trends indicate a global shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable business practices in achieving economic growth, a pattern which has encouraged the Omani government to promote sustainability as a key consideration in future development projects by various stakeholders.

Merit International was established in 2005, with the aim to bring international expertise, technology, products and services to Sultanate of Oman and to the region through partnerships, associations, agencies and joint ventures. Merit’s participation and support in terms of local project management in varying fields gives the competitive advantage to its international associates to operate in Oman.

Over the years the company’s prime focus has been to support Oman’s urban development by introducing the concept of sustainability. Merit integrates environmental technologies, sustainable energy solutions and water technologies within diverse projects across all sectors, remaining distinctive in its focus of introducing only the latest technologies that have never been capitalized in the region before. Merit’s completed, ongoing and upcoming project solutions are being used across the country’s public and private sectors including ministries, government agencies, industries related to oil and gas, power and energy, water, healthcare, tourism and hospitality, infrastructure, transportation, construction and telecommunications.

By providing these sectors the technologies and solutions to incorporate the vision for sustainability within their business practices, Merit International promotes the principles of sustainability and environmental safety in encouraging major contributors to the country’s development process to make a positive impact on the society both economically as well as socially and culturally.