New Business Model

The New Business Model reflects the evolution and growth of Merit as a brand in terms of profile expansion, experience and scope of work offered. Merit’s humble beginnings saw the company engaging in specialised projects in the region’s oil and gas sector in 2005 and further branching out into environmental projects and engineering, where majority of Merit’s role revolved around commissioned company representation and business development.

Investments in sustainable technologies are now a reality as opposed to a mere glimpse into the future with developing economies realizing the feasibility and benefits that accompany significant investments in sustainable technologies. The lucrative aspects of these technologies involve increasing resource productivity and efficiency while decreasing negative environmental impacts. Much of the positive indications of sustainable technologies have already been realized through emerging industry clusters like water and waste water, energy, advanced materials, agriculture, transportation, energy efficiency, and manufacturing.

Merit’s new strategy is focused on investment development opportunities across three potential sectors namely environment technologies, sustainable energy and water technologies. Under these new sectors, Merit will identify and target prospective opportunities and execute them under PPP or BOO models. Merit will also be instrumental in suggesting lucrative mergers of the latest sustainable technologies to enable the demonstration of new ideas and successful ventures.