Environmental Engineering

In association with our partner, a number of prestigious tourism development projects in the public and private sector have been carried out by Merit International including Environmental Engineering services for the OMRAN Asian Games Village, Millennium Hotel and Alila Jabel Akhdar.

Aircraft Refuelling Systems / Fuel Hydrant Systems

In association with Actemium Cegelec, the New Generation Fuel Hydrant System for aircraft refueling commissioned by Merit International, is the first of its kind to be launched in civilian airports like Sohar and Duqm in the Sultanate of Oman.

Produced Water Treatment

Merit developed one of the biggest produced water treatment facilities in the world, in Oman, in association with its international partners. The technology used is natural treatment and no fossil fuels or power is used in the treatment process. The plant uses reed bed / overflown wetland technology to treat associated water that comes out of oil wells (produced water). Currently the treatment capacity / volume exceeds 110 cubic meters per day. The treated water is disposed of by evaporation.

Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Offering industry sectors complete solutions for all aspects of their projects, Merit International helps pave the way for a sustainable energy future by tapping into the applications of the primary forms of renewable energy including solar power, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy and hydro electricity.

Water Technologies

Merit International LLC water technology solutions cover Build Own Operate (BOO) models, Portable water production, Waste water treatment and disposal, Waste to Energy to Water projects.


All oil producing countries use flaring as a means to get rid of residual gasses from oil and gas drilling, extraction, and refining processes. Oman is no exception, as can be witnessed by Oman’s oilfields which are dotted with flare stalks. It must be noted however, that gas flaring can result in CO2 emissions and thus, severe environmental damage. That being said, flare gas is a valuable resource that contains a major portion of natural gas and once captured, ways can be devised to transport it to locations where it is usable, economical and adds value to the overall gas flaring scenario. Merit, in association with its international partners, is in the process of developing a flare gas capturing project, where the flare gas will be converted to usable liquids, such as diesel, methanol etc at the capturing location itself, making the transportation economic and safe.

Waste Management and Waste to Value Solutions

Merit with its associates are bringing the most modern technologies in the waste management sector to add and create new value systems in the field. This includes recycling solutions, waste-to-energy solutions and innovative technologies to recycle electrical, electronic waste, C&D waste etc. Biomass composting with latest technologies is another interesting field being explored by Merit.